How To: Iron on your Cherrychoke patch!

A step-by-step on how to iron on the patches you just bought!
  1. Preheat your iron and know the heat tolerance of the fabric you are using before ironing!
  2. Make sure you iron over a heat resistant surface! (Use an ironing board or place a towel on a table/countertop first followed by placing your jacket (or whatever you are putting the patch on) on top of the towel)
  3. Iron the area where you want your patch to be placed so it is smooth.
  4. Place your patch in place.
  5. Add a towel or hand towel over the patch carefully so the placement of the patch does not move.
  6. Start ironing and move the iron in a circular motion for about 90 seconds.
    *NEVER iron on the patch directly!*
  7. Check the patch to see if it is being applied correctly.
  8. Once applied, remove the towel and let the patch cool down to room temperature to ensure the glue has hardened.
  9. If you notice edges or areas areas of the patch that did not stick, place the towel back over the patch and iron for another 60-90 seconds and then let the patch cool down again.
  10. Once the patch is placed and cooled down, if possible, depending on where your patch is placed, iron the backside of the fabric for about 20 seconds. Move in circular motions.
  11. Let your patch cool down.
  12. Finally, unplug your iron and make sure you and others don't touch it while it's hot!
  13. Done!

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